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Do these politicians have your attention yet?

Over the last 48 hours we have seen a lot and I think that these 24 hour news cycles are out to mislead you so I will filter some of the bullshit out.

Our government shutdown is a result of a federal spending bill not being passed. It wasn’t passed because now after the  republican-controlled-house of rep’s 41 votes to repeal Obamacare aka Affordable Care Act (ACA) have failed because the senate has not budged (let alone the veto power of the president). The spending bill, the house of reps should’ve already passed, will budget funds to the ACA. So in a last stitch effort to further this agenda of getting rid of the ACA, the house says let the government shutdown until the senate decides to take out the funding for the ACA. Thats the shit that we should know…

I spy more bullshit though. See, the ACA isn’t just a government ran insurance program that will help millions (41 million) get healthcare, protect consumers, and balance the health insurance market or racket. It also ensures that the people who will use the program (mostly lower middle class and under privileged) will get registered to vote as they fill out their application.

Follow me. Ok…Now I’m just stretching now, right?


Look, you are telling people that they can have healthcare which will improve their overall quality of life. Think about that for a minute, without healthcare as an obstacle, preventative care is an option. Once you make preventative care an option you start seeing people live longer. Meaning one day in the near future, say 40 years from today, some one will be able to say this disease has taken generations of relatives from my family… but not me. Then you register that recipient to vote… They are probably going to vote the party of the President who’s name is attached. Shit! They may even participate in their government for that reason alone.

The unlimitedly funded tea party republicans see this as a threat because they are partly to blame for the worst congress of the century and they know they’re jobs are in jeopardy (probably why you can’t trust the gov). So what do they do? They ask for a year delay on the ACA. What happens in a year… Midterm elections. So what if 800,000 employees are furloughed says fox news, the politicians on the hill still get paid and ACA will be demolished… And they keep their plush representative jobs for a couple more years–> Who are they representing though? That’s a topic for another discussion.

And you said you only vote in presidential elections? Or wait, do you even vote at all?

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Condemning Gays


I don’t agree with or support sinning. But I sin. And to Him, it doesn’t matter what sins I commit. I sinned. That being said, until we work to combat premarital sex and alcoholism and foul language and blasphemy and everything else in the Bible the same way we do homosexuality, we are being hypocrites. We can say all we want about Muslim theocracies but at least when they say “We follow Allah to the letter of the law,” they mean it. Pick a lane America or realize that everyone is a work in progress, speak on their sins so they aren’t comfortable in them but if you aren’t going to limit liquor consumption and arrest unmarried people who purchase contraceptives, then you cannot enact laws to prevent these people from the rights that the Constitution gives.

And, if those other laws aren’t going to be enacted, the next thing I will say is that the collective Christian church must get on one accord and say “God makes no mistakes so we will trust Him and preach his word as it is written. We will not condemn but we will teach right from wrong across the board and let it be known that consequences come with every decision that is made.” Let the government do its job and the church do its.


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Be an Asset, Not an Ass

Assets make use of resources available,
Asses make stubborn excuses that the impossible is inevitable,
Assets are acquired with diligence and tact,
Asses are admirers and impostors promising they will act,
Assets builds credibility, required with little need for clarity,
But an Ass builds dependency, with vague recollection of the sacrifices been made,
In the work you do, in the life you live, choices are available,
With the race for employment, value your options, and be adaptable,
Resistance with consistence builds character unmovable,
Persistence to diligence builds the idea of irreplaceable,
In your living be an asset, the asses they’ll go on
It’ll just take them a while to see that their grounded rock, you saw as stepping stone.


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Sick & Tired


Is my anger justified or should I just turn my head, ignoring the injustices done to my people? We pay our taxes and then must endure this system-sanctioned reminder that we will forever be second class citizens in this nation that was built on the backs of out ancestors without as much as a formal thank you or apology. But I guess they’re still holding on to the misconception that they brought us out of darkness into the light of Christianity… But let me shed some light of my own: the latter portion of Acts 8 (verses 27 on) proves that the teachings of Christ reached Africa before it did Europe. And, in addition to that, it doesn’t take forcing someone to accept Christ to save their souls. But I digress.

Back to the topic at hand. Our perpetual second class citizenship makes me believe that one of two things needs to happen: Either we need to force a drastic change in a system that has never changed selflessly for us or we need to take back our communities, starting with small businesses. Then we must support the businesses in our community so that our dollars remain our dollars. Lastly, those business owners in the community need to boycott the tax system until our voices are heard.

I don’t advocate breaking the law unless it is done in a nonviolent manner in order to change unjust laws. We want better schools in poor communities, equal access to resources, and equal protection under the law. Stop and Frisk is not that. Title 1 schools are not that. Having studied both American history and business with the utmost seriousness since I was just an adolescent, I can say there is only one way to get what you want in America: Impact the ruling class’s bottom line. They will cave. Or they will resort to acts of terrorism. But either way, a change will come.


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For some, three days after the release of the George Zimmerman verdict, things are heating up. Rallies are taking place, riots are occuring, and people are signing petitions. For others, three days after the verdict, things are beginning to die down. People are talking about it less at work, radio and news stations are back to playing music, and THEIR NEWSFEEDS AND TIMELINES ARE RETURNING TO NORMAL.

Social media has gained an increased prevalance when it comes to major world events. Twitter timelines were flooded with “4 MORE YEARS” posts, Facebook newsfeeds were filled with Casey Anthony hate posts, and Instagram has been saturated with blacked out profile pictures. But what message are we sending with these posts? Are we truly supporting the cause and doing something about it or do we just serve as a social media activist???

How many people truly follow what decisions President Barack Obama has made since beginning his second term? Are we still fighting for justice dealing with Casey Anthony or are we “over it”? Do you post the picture of Emmett Till, Medger Evers, and Trayvon Martin because you are finding ways to assure this doesn’t happen again or will our children and grandchildren be editing this pic stitch with another victim because we only supported via social media?

These are things to think about in times such as this. This case is big right now but as soon as the Heat win another championship or Paula Deen says something crazy or Lance Gross takes a picture with his shirt off, #TrayvonMartin will simply be another faded trending topic.


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There’s Just Us…


In the wake of the injustice that is the Trayvon Martin trial, this post should be dedicated to the reaction to the verdict of not guilty for George Zimmerman. After ample conversation, I think we can say that we all stand on the side injustice for the death of Trayvon Martin and his family. But I heard a great quote on the news when a correspondent said “…we should vilify the fact we have not built the justice system to be a just system.” For majority of us who have followed the trial, live or in recap, prepared for its outcome. But I think it’s worth noting that being prepared for this injustice is the real revelation here. What I am saying is that the black community expects injustice in a country that is suppose to be just and equal across all factions. It’s not. And we are once again reminded of this. Florida has just brought this outrage to the forefront. I don’t just mean in this case but look at the case of Marissa Alexander in Tampa who was sentenced to 20 years jail time for firing a warning shot in defense of a threatening husband. A stand your ground self-defense case with a black woman where no one lost their life went in the opposite direction. That said this is the point that I am making:

“Remember that these laws did not malfunction, we have this idea that this is a miscarriage of justice. And it may have been in a theoretical sense but in a jurisprudential sense this is exactly what was suppose to happen. So when we are talking about how we have gotten to this point, what was in the minds of the law makers who align with the ALEC when they put these laws together? What was in the minds of the prosecutors who brought these charges? It’s a short term loss but a long term victory for [those groups]. The outcome of this case was even in the prosecution’s 2nd degree murder charge which wasn’t going to stick (similar to the 1st degree murder charge in the Amadou Dialo case). Thus cynically you can placate African Americans saying ‘we went for the strongest possible charges’ also with a wink and nod say to constituency ‘we know this is not going to stick'” -Jelani Cobb, The New Yorker (read his article)

My point is our beef should be with our lawmakers. Stand-your-ground law states that a person may justifiably use force in self-defense when there is reasonable belief of an unlawful threat, without an obligation to retreat first. Meaning if you don’t want someone to exist for any reason (even their race) in FL then you have a law to hide behind. How many laws are out here like this? And when do we question the extent of our Second Amendment rights?

Beef with the system. Stay informed.

Take action copy and paste these links:

http://www.impact-dc.com/justice -and- http://naacp.org/pages/s/doj-civil-rights-petition

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The Morning After

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal…” — Declaration of Independence

Black people, this was written in 1776. It was written with the understanding that we are not human beings, but property instead. There is an implied “white” before the word “men” in the language of the Declaration of Independence, the US Constitution, and any other legal document drawn up prior to the 13th amendment.

Ok. So, now we are free. Amendments have been put into place to rectify the evils of slavery. Right? Wrong. So we have to engage in multiple civil rights movements in order to rectify the still flawed system. But now we’re all in schools together and affirmative action is put into place. We’re good right? Not yet. Because Rodney King was beaten. Sean Bell was murdered. Troy Davis was executed. All these liberties were taken without giving these men the benefit of the doubt and, being that they were tax paying citizens, it can be concluded that they paid for their own unjust demises.

I tweeted last night, after George Zimmerman was acquitted, something along the lines of “Micael Vick got more time for murdering dogs.” And, though these are different states, I, and many other blacks, see this as a major issue. Is a dog’s life more important than mine? I am a college-educated, articulate, drug-free, driven young black man. I could have been in Trayvon’s hoody. President Obama could have been in a hoody. Blacks, especially Black men, will always be targets for fear-inspired crimes. But don’t be afraid of us physically. Be afraid of us economically. Our buying power is tremendous and I want us to mobilize to build our own communities. Business owners that wouldn’t live in our communities still exploit us for our dollars. Why not keep these dollars in our communities to supplement the inadequate inner city school systems? Why not use our resources to help support lawyers and politicians who will fight for our causes? I’m not saying that we need to completely segregate. What I am saying is, just as Jews, Chinese, Latinos, and Whites continue to put their own dollars in their own communities (which leads to political influence), we have to do the same. When we did before, change happened. Let’s rekindle a fire that will result in real change.

And, before I go, let me say one other thing: Black people, we cannot want whites held accountable for killing us when we senselessly murder one another. Stop with all the “Free so and so” shirts. If he killed someone, let him sit. You wouldn’t wear a “Free Zimmerman” shirt, would you?

Thanks for reading. Please comment and share.


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As of lately, I have been hearing a lot about this so called 80/20 rule of the healthy lifestyle. After reading a lot about it, I can honestly say that I do agree with the vast majority of what it says, 80% of healthy living is dieting and 20% is your actual workout.

Seeing that we make more choices about the food we eat day than deciding whether or not to workout, it seems fitting to say we are food driven creatures. I mean, have you ever paid attention to the way people act when they don’t get food when they’re hungry? Choosing the right foods is important when considering the body type you’re working towards. You can do all the sit ups in the world and run from here to Cali and back, but if you’re still eating like a pig, lets face it… You’ll look a little piggish. Dieting plays an essential role into your everyday fitness lifestyle as this is your primary source of energy.

Everybody is different, therefore every body is different so figuring out your daily diet needs would be beneficial in efforts to reach your individual fitness goals. A cookie cutter approach to a healthy lifestyle will only get you so far. Speaking with qualified officials coupled with personal research about your body type and what foods do or do not work for you will help you achieve your goals that much faster.

Now that 20% though. Rationally speaking, exercising is a low cost, high benefit activity so there’s reqlly nothing to lose and a whole new outlook to gain. An hour workout a day only makes up 4% of your day. I mean that’s less than the time it takes to watch the catch up and new episodes of Real Housewives of Atlanta. So “no time” is really no excuse. For beginners, exercising may be a total culture shock but after you get into the swing of things, there’s no doubt you’d love it!

A healthy lifestyle isn’t something you can just start one day and be finished the next, especially if you’re looking for results. It’s called a lifestyle for a reason. Nothing worth having was easily obtained and the same will be true in striving toward your fitness goals. Keep your eyes on the prize because that moment you feel like you can’t go any more is the moment you reach a new level of strength. Yea, temptation will come around, maybe you’ll skip this day or maybe you’ll have a donut here or there but you mustn’t forget what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. Remember the equation 80% dieting + 20% Working out x X-Days a week = 100% Dedication. Keep that Chaos Theory in effect.

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Legacy in Eulogy

A man who hasn’t found something to die for, doesn’t earn the right to live, best said by Brother MLK but more relevant than ever. What’s the value of living if your living to die? These statements can be viewed intellectually, spiritually, physically, etc. I charge that all reading this, merely ask will your eulogy be epically portrayed through others lives and experience with you or will strangers sing praises on paper?

As young professional and surrounded by those alike, we all are striving to build a strong résumé, attain success, be great; but do we live life to the full. Such trend drenched terms as YOLO, TurnUp, LetsGo are much more than sub captions, lyrics, and hype to me. No pun intended but their mottos, or attitudes to have about The life WE lead. Returning to building a strong résumé, if talents and that “something” about an individual is limited to merely personal success, our impact on the world around us will be limited. In other words don’t confuse your résumé skills with life skills. For example, one your résumé you write what you’ve accomplished, results, and the money you’ve made. In leaving a legacy you show what you’ve contributed, the relationships you’ve had, and the difference you’ve made.

Are you building a strong résumé or preparing to leave a lasting legacy?

Take time this day, hour, minute after reading and post in comments how WE are seizing the day, making differences, and working on your legacy. All the brothers who create this blog hope to seek this feedback, foster it, hone in, and support one another and the next man in these endeavors. Argumentatively when I began compiling this post it was meant for self motivation but looking over its about the achievement of others.

Remember, the biggest room in the world…is the room for improvement.

In Life,
-C K Bennett

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America, we have to draw lines somewhere. We have allowed the pursuit of happiness thing to go too far. This morning, I read a story on CNN.com about a first grade student who was born as a boy and now has made the decision he wants to live as a girl and therefore wants to use the girl’s room. I am not a fan of this trend. I will admit I am not a supporter of gay rights but I also am a sinner myself and, that being the basis of my lack of support, I don’t believe I have the right to judge unless I am flawless. However, I do believe that it is a parent’s responsibility to teach a child right from wrong. According to the parents, this young person was showing signs of depression at 18 months b/c he didn’t identify with being a boy. To me, that is a crock of nonsense. 18 months? Come on. Guess what. When I was 5, my sister liked having tea parties (a stereotypical girl thing to do). I joined her b/c she was my best friend. And if you know me now, you know I love women. When I was in 7th grade, I grabbed 2 girls butts after being dared. Today, I will be one of the first people to tell a young man to keep his hands to himself when it comes to respecting a lady. I use those two examples to say this: as a child and even as an adolescent, my actions and attitude did not dictate who I am as an adult. But that is because there were boundaries drawn. What happens if there are no boundaries? What if your parents support the wrong decisions you make? I’m not saying Coy, the boy from the CNN article, isn’t gay. What I’m saying is, what if he wouldn’t have been had he not had parents who decided at 18 months that he has the right to choose?

Another issue I have is that, by allowing Coy to use the girl’s room the school, and ultimately the government, is sanctioning this behavior. What if I, as a parent, don’t want my children exposed to this school of thought at such a young age? What if I don’t want my 6 year old daughter in the bathroom with a young male who could decide one day that he was just confused? The government should not be able to dictate what values my children should and should not embrace. We are given perceived freedom but that, my fellow subjects, is not freedom at all.


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