Pre-Game Shootaround

Everyone knows that during the shootaround, you are just trying to get loose, get the blood flowing, break a sweat, and get in the groove. That is the exact purpose of this post.

For those of you who do not know me, my name is Renwick Pridgeon Jr. There are a lot of things that I could say to describe myself but I do not think accolades or demographic information can truly define who a person really is. I hope that the words and conversation generated on this blog will truly give you a better insight into who I am.

My section of this blog is entitled “Championship R.I.N.G.S.” which stands for Real Insight into the New Generation of Sports. I will frequently post about popular sports topics and issues. One accolade that I will share is that I have a Master of Science degree in Sports Management from East Carolina University and I am an avid sports fan which I feel makes me qualified to speak intelligently about many of the topics that I will write about.

Although sports is the focus of my career, it does not consume my life. Throughout this blogging experience, I will occasionally make posts about topics outside of the world of sports. So if you are looking for some good sports talk and just some overall great conversation, make sure you follow this blog attentively. My brothers and I will make sure that you remain entertained, engaged, and intellectually enlightened!

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