Dap’s Charge

“Wake up!”

Laurence Fishburne’s character Dap spends the entire film of School Daze trying to awaken in us a social consciousness that we seem to want to ignore (hence the root of the word “ignorant”). As opposed to seeking knowledge and objectivity, too often we, as Americans, seek materials and selfishness. But this is no longer 1988. In such a quickly moving world, we cannot afford to be so out of tune with the social ills of the world. We cannot allow greed to gluttonously consume us. It is up to us to consider our fellow man and his needs. We must reach out to our sisters and offer to be the mentor to their fatherless children. Our charge is to identify evil, look past demographic classification, and bless others with love.

Each day, each man and woman must take an honest inventory of him- or herself. Like the American civil rights movement, this too will start with us, the young adults. But only if we are up to the challenge. So I ask you to take an honest inventory of yourself and your position on the posts of this column and this blog as a whole. The onus is on us.

Good morning.

— D3

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