Organized Chaos

Every day, many of us are living our lives thinking of something better, but we do not know the first steps needed to get there. We’re simply living life in a constant mundane state. The Chaos Theory states, that minor changes in initial conditions yield widely diverging outcomes. Throughout my section of this blog, I seek to help you all find that catalyst for change, that little thing that will put your individual Chaos Theory into effect.

I am currently in school pursuing a Master’s Degree in Social Work and pursuing certification as a Personal Trainer. With that being said, fitness and nutrition will be my primary focus in The Plaiboi Press, although I will not limit myself to that in itself. I hope you enjoy, stay engaged, and stay motivated as we embark on this journey of Organized Chaos together.

-Demetrius Daniel

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One Response to Organized Chaos

  1. Chloe Brown says:

    This Sounds Great Demetrius! Please let me know when you get certified! I would like to be one of your first clients!!!!

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