I’ve never really been the best at introductions which is why mine comes to you all a little late, but here goes…

My name is Tristan Marrow. I’m 24 years old. I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York but have spent the past 11 years living in North Carolina. Like many of you, I have dreams, goals, and ambitions as a rider.. but for now I’ll sum all of those up in one statement: “I live vicariously through myself.” These days I’m less concerned with fulfilling someone else’s formulaic idea of what success may be. These days, I’m more concerned with simply living… Living, learning, and understanding (or at least attempting to) all that life has to offer me at this point. So, I’ve committed to sharing my thoughts, perspectives, and experiences on this shared platform with my brethren… As far as what you all can expect from me, that would be hard to pinpoint… I can’t guarantee one cohesive theme or topic but i can guarantee you a unique perspective. I hope you all enjoy what you find here. Until next time… peace.


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