The World’s Support of Jason Collins: Tragedy or Signs of the Times?

As many of you know, a little over a week ago, NBA Center Jason Collins publicly admitted to being gay. Although Collins is not an NBA superstar, he is still in the public’s eye and his admittance made him the first male athlete in major sports to do something of that nature.
I have nothing at all against gay people. I am a Christian and believe that being homosexual goes against the will of God but thats a debate for another day. In this scenario, I was shocked by the world’s reaction to his coming out. Besides the humorous pictures on instagram or a random facebook post or tweet, I have seen very little negative reaction in the media. NBA Legends such as LeBron James, Shaquille O’Neal, and Kobe Bryant have tweeted in favor of Collins’ decision to reveal his sexual orientation. Former NBA Center John Amaechi, who admitted to being gay after he retired, described Collins as the perfect spokesperson and was in full support of his decision. Even rappers Lil Wayne and A$AP Rocky commended Jason for being himself and not frontin’.


This man is a professional athlete who is admired by kids across the world. Just 4 years ago, Collins was engaged to be married. WHAT MESSAGE ARE WE SENDING BY PRAISING HIS ACTIONS? I am in no way, shape, or form saying that he should be scolded. Being gay is no different from being a hoe (kinda). It is an unpopular lifestyle that you are choosing to live. I won’t get too spiritually deep on ya’ll but both the homosexual and the hoe will have to answer to God on Judgement Day along with the drunk, the weed head, the murderer, and the thief. So why are we glorifying him for not being ashamed of who he is? Would we have glorified Tiger Woods or Kobe Bryant if they would have admitted to cheating on their wives? Would we appreciate a public figure admitting to having sex with hundreds of women, night in and night out? Would we support a female athlete marrying another woman? Would we praise Major League Baseball players for being honest about using steroids? The vast majority of individuals would respond “no” to all of those questions so why is Jason Collins’ public admittance of being gay a positive thing?

In 2009, Rugby player Gareth Thomas revealed his homosexuality. Before his admittance, he had been married for six years up until 2007. Again, I am not knocking these men for their lifestyle, but they are not only impacting themselves. They are impacting the women that thought these were the men they would spend the rest of their lives with. They are impacting the lives of the children that admire them. The world says that they are simply letting people know that it’s okay to be who you are but the reality is that the message that’s being delivered is that it’s okay to be gay. Is that the message you want delivered to your children?
One last thing that I will say is that our world is shifting towards the acceptance of many things that would have been taboo in years past. The term “coming out of the closet” came about because this wasn’t something that people proudly shared. I’m not saying that you should hide who you really are because obviously thats how the wife and fiancèe of these two men have possibly become scarred for life. But I think it’s important to assess the manner in which it is done and careful consideration must be taken in order to assure that the right message is perceived by all audiences. NFL Quarterback Tim Tebow is very strong in his belief in Jesus Christ. As one instagram picture said, why is he scolded for his “antics” but Jason Collins is praised for being “who he is”?

Think about it!

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