“Once Again It’s On”

“Once again it’s on”…..battle words I utter every morning as I awake, ready to take on another day and those surprises that come with it. In this game of life only those with a strong desire to win will do as such.

Looks like I’m tardy to the party, but they call me Chuck, Charlie, Diggy, ass hole to some, nice guy to most, but parents named me Charles Costanzo-Newsome (That’s Italian). My brothers have stated their expertise…..me…..I’m a modern day renaissance man, dream chaser, and heavy thinker. Not one to be “politically correct”, more of a straight shooter-get to the facts kind of guy. This blog for me will be about passion, overcoming obstacles and being the greatest in whatever it is that we do. Nothing is impossible.!!!!!!!

Like a good motivator states, “No Struggle, No Progress”

Be blessed,


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