Giving or Giving up?

Life has an interesting way of requiring us to show our commitment for something through our actions. Whether its wanting to be more in shape, get our finances in order or working on our relationships, if you really want it to be successful, it’s going to require a serious commitment.

Often times we gage the commitment level of others and ourselves by what we are willing to give. For example if a person is committed to becoming in shape they have to give time and effort in the gym. Seems pretty logical. However, more often than not we will see people talk about how much they work out but still can’t seem to get those oh so coveted 6 pack abs. Well here’s the thing, we are creatures of habit. Although its commendable that someone is willing to put time and effort into working out its more about are you willing to let go or “give up” the lifestyle that you were used to in order to step into a greater one. Can you consistently eat fruits and Vegetables and give up the fried foods, sweets and sodas? Sure you can give your significant other gifts and wine and dine her, but are you willing to give up the the desire to be with other women when you want? Anyone can give something but it takes a lot more discipline and sacrifice to give up something that has either become a habit or a crutch. You must do both in order to reach the next level of success.

So you see, when it really comes to commitment and sacrifice; understand what you are willing to give whether it be money, time, blood, sweat or tears, then determine what habits and strong holds you are going to have to let go of or “give up” to really get to where you want to be. Changing for the better is more of a mental decision than anything and more than likely, your habits are a reflection of your mentality. That is what you must address in order to get to the deeper level of sacrifice and commitment.


-George Acheampong

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