Nothin’ on the news but the blues?

This is somewhat of a brief reintroduction {links are meant to inform, thanks}… Is it just me or has our faith in the news and politics dissipated. We’ve gotten caught up in the sensationalism of entertainment and pop culture, placing our politics and our news on the back burner. It’s cool I can be the buzz kill and let you know that: you may want to glance at your current events every now and then. Why, you ask? How does what’s happening in DC or Syria affect me in Raleigh or Charlotte?… Well that’s up to you, honestly… It may not affect you and I anymore than Scandal’s season finale. Henry David Thoreau said the news is “gossip…those who edit and read it are old women over their tea.”

Not all news is depressing or uninteresting. I’d look at it from an informative perspective like it’s impact on your paycheck (income tax), the economy (student loans for college grads) or your relationships (marriage equality). I believe the only reason we find it depressing is because we only pay attention when tragedy occurs or a good case comes along. We give our media the right to dictate what’s important to us by tuning in when they say we should tune in… not to mention the fact that they are paying for the advertisements (but we can talk about consumerism and capitalism later).

What about the information that touches our history, our communities or even our fashion? I say the least we could do is balance our interest in ‘the entertaining’ with a boring article every now and then, knowing that it may not change your life today but it could shed light on what may affect you tomorrow. That is the news I’m interested in and I think you should be interested in too.

It’s only blues when they dish it to you and it’s because that’s the only meal you’ve seen, heard or read that day (force-fed)… But I encourage taking 15 minutes out of your busy schedule to actually do a little research, find an interest and feed yourself. You only should know what you want to know, not what they tell you to know…

{feedback welcomed}

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