Excuses…..How productive are those?

A safety net of some kind, or maybe a comforting mechanism…….no how about a valid reason to avoid doing what you said you were going to get done. Excuses, I just don’t understand them nor do I give them. I understand in life shit happens, I am a firm believer in this. Don’t allow anything to stand in your way of greatness. Life has a way of testing you but when you give a reason to justify your failure with an excuse is what I have a problem with. As the poem states: “Life is 10% of what happens to me and 90% how I react to it”.

Excuses are really useless when you truly assess them. They don’t change the outcome of the situation. They don’t allow you to move on from the situation. They waste your time. Nothing positive comes from them except the fact that they bring some kind of justified reason to explain your shortcoming. You ever heard this: “I failed the class because my teacher didn’t like me”? Maaaaaaaaaaaan SHUT THE F*CK UP! You really think your teacher had a vendetta against you? More like they weren’t accepting those lame ass excuses or poor work you put forward.

Some of you may be thinking “Who is this negro to be talking about excuses?”. Well I’m the guy that life has given every excuse to fail, but refuse to allow those excuses to control my life. Elaborate? Sure, why not, no shame here!! My father was born in 1937, yes 37, in North Carolina where he only received a 5th grade education and was a share cropper (google share cropper). Doesn’t look like a good start? My mother, daughter of 2nd generation Italian immigrants, is from New York and didn’t graduate high school. Some will say I started off behind the 8 ball. Grew up in Staten Island Projects surround by guns, violence, and drug wars. A place where high school was an option not expectation. Then moved to rural NC where life hasn’t changed much since 1900, literally. Life has given me so many excuses to not be successful and society probably would have given me a pass. There is a number that motivates me: 8,802. This was an actual number on my mother’s tax return. Poverty…so what…won’t let that excuse ride! Wow you say? Shit me too. Never once did I allow anything or “reason” to say I couldn’t do anything. No excuse will hold me back nor should any reason you come up with. When faced with a challenge we fight. And when that isn’t good enough we simply fight harder. Adversity comes with this game of life. Fight through it!

You can not win having a defeated mindset. You think you can’t and you won’t. You think you can, you will. Doing your assigned work requires you to act like the winner that you are and were created to be.



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