21 Questions.

1. How do you feel about censorship?

2. More specifically, how do you feel about censorship in the media?

3. How do you feel about the 1st amendment?

4. Is freedom of speech the same as freedom of expression?

5. Do we really possess either of the aforementioned rights?

6. Would you consider them rights or privileges?

7. Are you religious or spiritual?

8. How do you feel about people who believe in religions other than your own?

9. Are you easily offended?

10. Did you know that the name of Kanye’s new album, scheduled to be released June 18th, is entitled “Yeezus”?

11. Does that offend you?

12. Do you consider celebrities role models?

13. What’s your favorite color?

14. My favorite color is green.  Was it the same as yours?

15. If my favorite color was different from yours, would that offend you?

16. If you were asked to define choice, how would you?

17. What is the biggest influence on the choices you make?

18. How do you feel about the choices that others make?

19. On critical issues such as gay marriage, immigration, abortion, religion in schools, gun control, what affirms your view on the subject?

20. Do you leave room for the opposing argument?

21. Do you think about things like this daily?

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