Legacy in Eulogy

A man who hasn’t found something to die for, doesn’t earn the right to live, best said by Brother MLK but more relevant than ever. What’s the value of living if your living to die? These statements can be viewed intellectually, spiritually, physically, etc. I charge that all reading this, merely ask will your eulogy be epically portrayed through others lives and experience with you or will strangers sing praises on paper?

As young professional and surrounded by those alike, we all are striving to build a strong résumé, attain success, be great; but do we live life to the full. Such trend drenched terms as YOLO, TurnUp, LetsGo are much more than sub captions, lyrics, and hype to me. No pun intended but their mottos, or attitudes to have about The life WE lead. Returning to building a strong résumé, if talents and that “something” about an individual is limited to merely personal success, our impact on the world around us will be limited. In other words don’t confuse your résumé skills with life skills. For example, one your résumé you write what you’ve accomplished, results, and the money you’ve made. In leaving a legacy you show what you’ve contributed, the relationships you’ve had, and the difference you’ve made.

Are you building a strong résumé or preparing to leave a lasting legacy?

Take time this day, hour, minute after reading and post in comments how WE are seizing the day, making differences, and working on your legacy. All the brothers who create this blog hope to seek this feedback, foster it, hone in, and support one another and the next man in these endeavors. Argumentatively when I began compiling this post it was meant for self motivation but looking over its about the achievement of others.

Remember, the biggest room in the world…is the room for improvement.

In Life,
-C K Bennett

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