As of lately, I have been hearing a lot about this so called 80/20 rule of the healthy lifestyle. After reading a lot about it, I can honestly say that I do agree with the vast majority of what it says, 80% of healthy living is dieting and 20% is your actual workout.

Seeing that we make more choices about the food we eat day than deciding whether or not to workout, it seems fitting to say we are food driven creatures. I mean, have you ever paid attention to the way people act when they don’t get food when they’re hungry? Choosing the right foods is important when considering the body type you’re working towards. You can do all the sit ups in the world and run from here to Cali and back, but if you’re still eating like a pig, lets face it… You’ll look a little piggish. Dieting plays an essential role into your everyday fitness lifestyle as this is your primary source of energy.

Everybody is different, therefore every body is different so figuring out your daily diet needs would be beneficial in efforts to reach your individual fitness goals. A cookie cutter approach to a healthy lifestyle will only get you so far. Speaking with qualified officials coupled with personal research about your body type and what foods do or do not work for you will help you achieve your goals that much faster.

Now that 20% though. Rationally speaking, exercising is a low cost, high benefit activity so there’s reqlly nothing to lose and a whole new outlook to gain. An hour workout a day only makes up 4% of your day. I mean that’s less than the time it takes to watch the catch up and new episodes of Real Housewives of Atlanta. So “no time” is really no excuse. For beginners, exercising may be a total culture shock but after you get into the swing of things, there’s no doubt you’d love it!

A healthy lifestyle isn’t something you can just start one day and be finished the next, especially if you’re looking for results. It’s called a lifestyle for a reason. Nothing worth having was easily obtained and the same will be true in striving toward your fitness goals. Keep your eyes on the prize because that moment you feel like you can’t go any more is the moment you reach a new level of strength. Yea, temptation will come around, maybe you’ll skip this day or maybe you’ll have a donut here or there but you mustn’t forget what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. Remember the equation 80% dieting + 20% Working out x X-Days a week = 100% Dedication. Keep that Chaos Theory in effect.

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