The Morning After

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal…” — Declaration of Independence

Black people, this was written in 1776. It was written with the understanding that we are not human beings, but property instead. There is an implied “white” before the word “men” in the language of the Declaration of Independence, the US Constitution, and any other legal document drawn up prior to the 13th amendment.

Ok. So, now we are free. Amendments have been put into place to rectify the evils of slavery. Right? Wrong. So we have to engage in multiple civil rights movements in order to rectify the still flawed system. But now we’re all in schools together and affirmative action is put into place. We’re good right? Not yet. Because Rodney King was beaten. Sean Bell was murdered. Troy Davis was executed. All these liberties were taken without giving these men the benefit of the doubt and, being that they were tax paying citizens, it can be concluded that they paid for their own unjust demises.

I tweeted last night, after George Zimmerman was acquitted, something along the lines of “Micael Vick got more time for murdering dogs.” And, though these are different states, I, and many other blacks, see this as a major issue. Is a dog’s life more important than mine? I am a college-educated, articulate, drug-free, driven young black man. I could have been in Trayvon’s hoody. President Obama could have been in a hoody. Blacks, especially Black men, will always be targets for fear-inspired crimes. But don’t be afraid of us physically. Be afraid of us economically. Our buying power is tremendous and I want us to mobilize to build our own communities. Business owners that wouldn’t live in our communities still exploit us for our dollars. Why not keep these dollars in our communities to supplement the inadequate inner city school systems? Why not use our resources to help support lawyers and politicians who will fight for our causes? I’m not saying that we need to completely segregate. What I am saying is, just as Jews, Chinese, Latinos, and Whites continue to put their own dollars in their own communities (which leads to political influence), we have to do the same. When we did before, change happened. Let’s rekindle a fire that will result in real change.

And, before I go, let me say one other thing: Black people, we cannot want whites held accountable for killing us when we senselessly murder one another. Stop with all the “Free so and so” shirts. If he killed someone, let him sit. You wouldn’t wear a “Free Zimmerman” shirt, would you?

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