For some, three days after the release of the George Zimmerman verdict, things are heating up. Rallies are taking place, riots are occuring, and people are signing petitions. For others, three days after the verdict, things are beginning to die down. People are talking about it less at work, radio and news stations are back to playing music, and THEIR NEWSFEEDS AND TIMELINES ARE RETURNING TO NORMAL.

Social media has gained an increased prevalance when it comes to major world events. Twitter timelines were flooded with “4 MORE YEARS” posts, Facebook newsfeeds were filled with Casey Anthony hate posts, and Instagram has been saturated with blacked out profile pictures. But what message are we sending with these posts? Are we truly supporting the cause and doing something about it or do we just serve as a social media activist???

How many people truly follow what decisions President Barack Obama has made since beginning his second term? Are we still fighting for justice dealing with Casey Anthony or are we “over it”? Do you post the picture of Emmett Till, Medger Evers, and Trayvon Martin because you are finding ways to assure this doesn’t happen again or will our children and grandchildren be editing this pic stitch with another victim because we only supported via social media?

These are things to think about in times such as this. This case is big right now but as soon as the Heat win another championship or Paula Deen says something crazy or Lance Gross takes a picture with his shirt off, #TrayvonMartin will simply be another faded trending topic.


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