Sick & Tired


Is my anger justified or should I just turn my head, ignoring the injustices done to my people? We pay our taxes and then must endure this system-sanctioned reminder that we will forever be second class citizens in this nation that was built on the backs of out ancestors without as much as a formal thank you or apology. But I guess they’re still holding on to the misconception that they brought us out of darkness into the light of Christianity… But let me shed some light of my own: the latter portion of Acts 8 (verses 27 on) proves that the teachings of Christ reached Africa before it did Europe. And, in addition to that, it doesn’t take forcing someone to accept Christ to save their souls. But I digress.

Back to the topic at hand. Our perpetual second class citizenship makes me believe that one of two things needs to happen: Either we need to force a drastic change in a system that has never changed selflessly for us or we need to take back our communities, starting with small businesses. Then we must support the businesses in our community so that our dollars remain our dollars. Lastly, those business owners in the community need to boycott the tax system until our voices are heard.

I don’t advocate breaking the law unless it is done in a nonviolent manner in order to change unjust laws. We want better schools in poor communities, equal access to resources, and equal protection under the law. Stop and Frisk is not that. Title 1 schools are not that. Having studied both American history and business with the utmost seriousness since I was just an adolescent, I can say there is only one way to get what you want in America: Impact the ruling class’s bottom line. They will cave. Or they will resort to acts of terrorism. But either way, a change will come.


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