Condemning Gays


I don’t agree with or support sinning. But I sin. And to Him, it doesn’t matter what sins I commit. I sinned. That being said, until we work to combat premarital sex and alcoholism and foul language and blasphemy and everything else in the Bible the same way we do homosexuality, we are being hypocrites. We can say all we want about Muslim theocracies but at least when they say “We follow Allah to the letter of the law,” they mean it. Pick a lane America or realize that everyone is a work in progress, speak on their sins so they aren’t comfortable in them but if you aren’t going to limit liquor consumption and arrest unmarried people who purchase contraceptives, then you cannot enact laws to prevent these people from the rights that the Constitution gives.

And, if those other laws aren’t going to be enacted, the next thing I will say is that the collective Christian church must get on one accord and say “God makes no mistakes so we will trust Him and preach his word as it is written. We will not condemn but we will teach right from wrong across the board and let it be known that consequences come with every decision that is made.” Let the government do its job and the church do its.


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