Tune in…


Do these politicians have your attention yet?

Over the last 48 hours we have seen a lot and I think that these 24 hour news cycles are out to mislead you so I will filter some of the bullshit out.

Our government shutdown is a result of a federal spending bill not being passed. It wasn’t passed because now after the ¬†republican-controlled-house of rep’s 41 votes to repeal Obamacare aka Affordable Care Act (ACA) have failed because the senate has not budged (let alone the veto power of the president). The spending bill, the house of reps should’ve already passed, will budget funds to the ACA. So in a last stitch effort to further this agenda of getting rid of the ACA, the house says let the government shutdown until the senate decides to take out the funding for the ACA. Thats the shit that we should know…

I spy more bullshit though. See, the ACA isn’t just a government ran insurance program that will help millions (41 million) get healthcare, protect consumers, and balance the health insurance market or racket. It also ensures that the people who will use the program (mostly lower middle class and under privileged) will get registered to vote as they fill out their application.

Follow me. Ok…Now I’m just stretching now, right?


Look, you are telling people that they can have healthcare which will improve their overall quality of life. Think about that for a minute, without healthcare as an obstacle, preventative care is an option. Once you make preventative care an option you start seeing people live longer. Meaning one day in the near future, say 40 years from today, some one will be able to say this disease has taken generations of relatives from my family… but not me. Then you register that recipient to vote… They are probably going to vote the party of the President who’s name is attached. Shit! They may even participate in their government for that reason alone.

The unlimitedly funded tea party republicans see this as a threat because they are partly to blame for the worst congress of the century and they know they’re jobs are in jeopardy (probably why you can’t trust the gov). So what do they do? They ask for a year delay on the ACA. What happens in a year… Midterm elections. So what if 800,000 employees are furloughed says fox news, the politicians on the hill still get paid and ACA will be demolished… And they keep their plush representative jobs for a couple more years–> Who are they representing though? That’s a topic for another discussion.

And you said you only vote in presidential elections? Or wait, do you even vote at all?

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